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2003-01-06 - 12:36 a.m.

Another Movie Review or Comment…..well I am suppose to be the mediamaven when I am not whining about the inadequate males that I am attempting to find bliss with.

I originally thought “About Schmidt” going to be an “American Beauty” for the AARP crowd. I have to say I was touched by this movie. It is a thoughtful examination of the life of someone we all might encounter and know in our daily lives. I kept thinking of my dad throughout the entire movie. I don’t want to spoil things by revealing plot details… alI can say is go see it or check it out on video if you are so inclined. Jack Nicholson does a wonderful understated job and acts his age. There are no beautiful Hollywood creatures in this movie. Kudos to Kathy Bates for a brave performance…. I hope I can be that way about myself at her age. I loved her character!

I am somewhat biased about this one… was filmed in a place that I know and love. The city looks beautiful. I know so many people who were born here that hate it. I really like it here. It is a very livable place. The only problem is that I live two hours away out in the boondocks….with the cows…..and the college students….speaking of college students…..

Soon it will be time to go back to work. I am not looking forward to it but I spend a bit of time everyday getting ready for it. When we do get back into it the expectations will be high about our move from the one building to the other building. I wish things would go easier but when you only have one or two people working on the whole project it’s going to be slow going. We have about 500 miles of cable to pull out of the old place and install in the new place. All of this has to go on while we do the regular work so it’s going to be a huge challenge.

Today B called and asked “Is everything moved yet?” I said “ No, not unless you moved it over vacation” I don’t know who he thought was going to pack up his office stuff and move…..

I need to get the desks built, the computers moved…..and somehow organize the mess in my office. I think I will need to do more than my ‘flylady’ tricks to get it done. I think if I spend at least one eight hour day in there I might be able to box things up so that I can reorganized in the new location. That’s my goal…….B’s and my office in the new building….I just hope Tommy Rockford can finish those production rooms….


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