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2002-12-26 - 9:34 p.m.

This is a conversation I had with the insurance guy long ago. It was before I think he thought I was a possiblity.

When I read this my heart sort of aches cause I keep thinking....I like this guy and we are discussing dating other people. We are discussing this because we are friends....friends who usually that works for me but as we all know women get attached. There some weird chemical in our brain that goes wacky when we sleep with someone. They get into our hearts that way and stay there. I have to say I feel somewhat of an emotional attachment to everyone I have sex with. Some more than others but I still seem to be able to be friends with people when the sex stops.....

I also look at this converstation and realize what a selfish person insurance guy can be....and what a fool I am.

interested_5000: hey would have gotten a big laugh out of me tonight......ha

mediamaven: why

mediamaven: what up

interested_5000: lol....what up?

interested_5000: jk

mediamaven :well with you know what know what's up

interested_5000 : ok ok

interested_5000: any way

mediamaven : yes

interested_5000: i made a bit of a fool out of myself tonight:o)

mediamaven : k

mediamaven : did you ask the hairdresser out

interested_5000; asked the haircutter gal out...

interested_5000 : and recieved a definite NO

mediamaven : oh

mediamaven : sorry

mediamaven : that must smart

interested_5000: so needless to say i was a tad embarassed

mediamaven : wow did you just walk in there and do it

interested_5000 : but we all need a little humility now and

mediamaven : do you know her name

mediamaven : now at least

interested_5000 : yeah...well i called earlier to ask what her name was and when she would be i went in and purchased some hair crap....talked to her quick.....and found a polite way to bring it up

interested_5000 : then WHAMO

interested_5000 : no

interested_5000 : no

interested_5000 : no

interested_5000 (09:10:25 PM): lol

mediamaven : what does this chick look like?

mediamaven : just curious

interested_5000 : says she has aboyfriend

mediamaven : well why wouldn't she??

interested_5000 : yeah yeah yeah

mediamaven : i mean for god's sake if i wanted a boyfriend tomorrow...i'd have one too

interested_5000 : well.....women just have it easy that way i guess

mediamaven : yes we do

mediamaven : but certain aspects of being female suck

interested_5000 : well..maybe

mediamaven : ummm no maybes about it

interested_5000 : lol..ok

mediamaven : low pay, childbirth, men hitting on us all the time

interested_5000 : so anyway.....i think the group had a good chuckle later on i think

mediamaven : the inability to disconnect our emotions from our wallets

interested_5000 : LOL

mediamaven : so you need to find somewhere else to get hair cut

mediamaven : what did she look like

interested_5000 : yeah maybe

interested_5000 : um....she is about 5-5

interested_5000 : blond hair

interested_5000: (shortish blnd)

interested_5000: green eyes i think

interested_5000 : slender

interested_5000 : long legs

interested_5000 : just plain cute

mediamaven : ok so you didn't ask out goth girl

mediamaven : i was wondering about that

interested_5000 : goth girl??

interested_5000 : who is that?

mediamaven : yeah there is a goth kinda girl that cuts hair

interested_5000 : oh...hmmm

mediamaven : she cuts bryan's hair

interested_5000 : im not sure who that would be

interested_5000 : there are a couple of weirdos in there

mediamaven : she is cute very petite..but dyed hair...weird choppy cut

interested_5000 : you mean goth girl?

Mediamaven: yeah

interested_5000 : oh

mediamaven : sorry about that

interested_5000 : now i remember why i hate asking women out

mediamaven : you have to think about it more like work

mediamaven : don't take the rejection so hard

interested_5000 : yeah yeah

interested_5000 : no at work doesnt bother me

interested_5000 : this fucking fyl!!!!

interested_5000 : fly

interested_5000 : so...i am having a fuel pump put on tomorrow

mediamaven : on your car

interested_5000: no....near my

interested_5000 :

mediamaven : yeah yeah

mediamaven: sorry

interested_5000 : hehe

mediamaven : fuck why am i sorry

interested_5000 : couldnt pass it up

interested_5000 : good question

interested_5000 : hey...enough about me.......hows the house thing

mediamaven : umm

mediamaven : again

mediamaven : i don't want to jinx this

mediamaven : i am so close

interested_5000 : <~~~~~very happy for you

mediamaven: but i almost passed out today

mediamaven: for real

interested_5000: yikes!

mediamaven: yes

interested_5000 : why?

mediamaven: cause i'm weird

interested_5000 : oh..that explains it

mediamaven: stuff like this makes me girly

interested_5000 : ic

mediamaven : well weird doesn't really provide an explanation for most of my behavior

interested_5000 : allrighty

mediamaven: it might describe it at times

mediamaven: be mean

mediamaven : go fo the kill

interested_5000 : if we cant talk about house...what do we talk about

interested_5000 : ?

mediamaven : long term care insurance

mediamaven: i don't know

mediamaven : i need to find some appliances

mediamaven : i need to grow up

interested_5000 : i hear they have them at appliance stores

mediamaven : yeah well i can't afford new

mediamaven: so used it will be

mediamaven: for now

mediamaven: i will need all my money for my down payment

interested_5000 : ahhh

mediamaven : so am i boring you

interested_5000: lol.....why?

mediamaven: just wondering

interested_5000 : ok

mediamaven : okay so how would you feel about this

interested_5000 : what?

mediamaven: here's my dating dilema

mediamaven: for the week

interested_5000 : k

mediamaven : ag teacher from northeast who i have worked with on numerous things

mediamaven : nice enough

mediamaven : older

interested_5000 : yeah ....and??

mediamaven : well he asked me out to dinner

interested_5000 : lol

mediamaven : i mean i get this all the time

mediamaven : but mostly from construction guys at school

interested_5000 : why would you consider him above ther est?

mediamaven : cause he has a brain

interested_5000 : well....that is a great thing to look for

interested_5000 : you say he is nice?

mediamaven : he is fairly nice in a work setting

interested_5000 : so why not let him take you out for a nice dinner and see how he is otherwise?

mediamaven: but you know me.....i run from the nice eligible men

interested_5000 : oh...ic

interested_5000 : maybe you should give a chance

interested_5000: him a chance*

mediamaven : why

interested_5000 :: well....

interested_5000 : why not?

interested_5000 : would you tell me his name if i asked?

mediamaven : why

interested_5000 : i might know him

mediamaven : i bet you do

interested_5000 : be able to give some advice

mediamaven : but he also seems to date women way younger than him

mediamaven : and very inappropriate

interested_5000 : and what is wrong with that.....hell

interested_5000 : oh ic

interested_5000 : how old is he?

mediamaven : dating students not good

mediamaven : i may joke at times about it

mediamaven : but i am never serious about it

mediamaven : i think he is in his forties

mediamaven: he looks fortyish

interested_5000 : well if you were to date him....nothing wrong with that

mediamaven : i don't know i never scooped him out as having dating potential

interested_5000 : so tell me who he is

mediamaven : he is an old guy in a tie to me

interested_5000 : hehehe

mediamaven : so this means he will probably get the same treatment you got tonight

mediamaven : from me

interested_5000 geez....dont do that

mediamaven : done it before

interested_5000 : meany

interested_5000 : must like a little bit to be considering it

mediamaven : i've thought about it a little cause i need to grow up

interested_5000 : well....see

interested_5000 : eh.....give him a courtesy date

mediamaven : that would really sort of suck though for him

mediamaven : i know this


interested_5000 : hell Id would have liked the courtesy date

interested_5000 : lol

mediamaven : there was a guy i went out on a date with right after i think i met you

interested_5000 : much better than buying useless hair crap

interested_5000 : and?

mediamaven : he kept calling to ask me why i didn't want to go out again

mediamaven : and calling

mediamaven : and calling

interested_5000 : oh...well......i dunn[

interested_5000 : o*

interested_5000 : explain you have a diff phone #

interested_5000 : how many times has the new guy called?

mediamaven : the new guy

mediamaven : for a date

interested_5000 : yeah

mediamaven : never

interested_5000 : wtf?

mediamaven: he just asked me in person

interested_5000: oh....ok ok

mediamaven : he doesn't know phone number

interested_5000 : and what did you say????

Mediamaven : ahhh

interested_5000 : is that it?

interested_5000 : lol

mediamaven : no

mediamaven : i didn't say that

interested_5000 : did you have tounge out?

mediamaven : no

interested_5000 : lol...jk

mediamaven : it's work

mediamaven at work

mediamaven : i'm not all tricked out in my causal sportswear

interested_5000 : what

interested_5000: did

interested_5000 : you

interested_5000: say

mediamaven : i said well i'm going to busy

interested_5000 : oh

interested_5000 : hmmmmmmmmmm

mediamaven : who do you know that works at there?

interested_5000 : got me to get the nerve up to make an ass of hell give it a try

interested_5000 : i cant think of anyone in particular

mediamaven : my problem is this is not me expressing interest in someone

mediamaven : this is me trying to figure out what to do here so he doens't feel like shit like you did

interested_5000 : OH

interested_5000 : ok

mediamaven : if i like someone

interested_5000 : so you dont want to go out with that it?

Mediamaven : although my first impluse is to run far far away

Mediamaven : i will usually just go do something with them and see how it goes

Mediamaven : never a prob

interested_5000 : ahhhh...i c

mediamaven : this.....there are many issues at stake here

mediamaven : i must continue to work with this person

interested_5000 : understand

mediamaven : i mean you can find someone else to cut hair

interested_5000 : true

mediamaven : and you can ask other women out

interested_5000 : maybe

mediamaven : do you see what i'm getting at

mediamaven : i hate to hurt someone's feelings

interested_5000 : yes i do

interested_5000 : and it is very considerate of you

mediamaven : well i try to be considerate

interested_5000 maybe i dont have the best advise for youi

mediamaven : it's okay

mediamaven : my advice to you obviously was bad

mediamaven : cause it didn;t work

interested_5000 : so you should just tell me who it

interested_5000 : gave great advice....

mediamaven: i mean my friends ken and brad

interested_5000 : actually it worked just fine.....till she said she had a boyfriend

mediamaven : now succesful daters to some extent

mediamaven : brad getting married

interested_5000 : brb...nic fit

mediamaven: ken attempting to date way out of his leauge and succeeding at some level

interested_5000 : lol

interested_5000 : brb

mediamaven : k

interested_5000:here is a tough question

interested_5000: how do you know what your leauge is?

Mediamaven : well that can be tough

mediamaven: for ken i said that cause he is so shy

mediamaven : and he lives with parents

interested_5000 : ok

interested_5000 : and?

Mediamaven : hasn't dated in years cause some women fucked him over

interested_5000 : ahhh

mediamaven : so he is in tough shape

interested_5000 : back to my do you determine your leauge?

mediamaven f i were a guy i would never think anyone was out of my league

interested_5000 : oh really?

interested_5000 hmmmmm

mediamaven : no

mediamaven : i don't even think of anyone that way anymore

mediamaven : cause everybody has their thing

interested_5000 : i think that might be my prob

mediamaven : i mean i am not gonna appeal to some guy who wants someone who's ninety pounds and quiet

mediamaven : but i have a feeling that i am not gonna be attracted to someone like that to begin with

interested_5000 : hmmmm

mediamaven : i think women have a more realistic view of attraction

mediamaven : cause we factor in stuff like sense of humor, if they seem polite

mediamaven : we are less visual

interested_5000 : hmmmm......i may not entirely agree

mediamaven : less driven by the aesthetic stuff

interested_5000 : but i have heard it maybe some truth

mediamaven : 21 year old girls are gonna want a hunky guy with cash

interested_5000 : out

mediamaven : i mean i had that in my twenties

mediamaven : i don't have all this figured out

mediamaven : i do know that men who are able to get what they want

mediamaven : know what they want

mediamaven : and the smart ones have realistic expectations of what is available

interested_5000 : well.....someday i may figure this out

mediamaven : if you do let me know

interested_5000 : timing i think is key

interested_5000 : it all has to do with timing

mediamaven: how so

interested_5000 : hair gal may ahve said yes.....if bf just dumped her

mediamaven : oh that's fate

mediamaven : not timing

interested_5000 : no such thing

interested_5000 : fate=fantasy

mediamaven : nah

interested_5000 : yah

interested_5000 : lol

mediamaven : things happen for a reason

interested_5000 : well....i think we tell ourselves that.....but really....we are in control of our own fate

mediamaven : true

interested_5000 : if i wait around for something to happen...hoping that fate will do its aint ever gonna happen

mediamaven : but every once in awhile something comes up that we didn't intend or orchestrate

mediamaven : happens

mediamaven: i don't depend on that

interested_5000 : again......timing

interested_5000 : lol

mediamaven : but god takes care of me

mediamaven : i know it

mediamaven : i need to help myself

interested_5000 : gonna start breakin things to kill this fucking fly

interested_5000: sorry

mediamaven : you're just mad about hair dresser girl

interested_5000 : well..maybe.....but i am very pissed at this fly

mediamaven : well i guess i'm glad you felt confident enough to ask for date

interested_5000 : fucker wont leave me alone....and wont sit so i can smash him

interested_5000 : in a way i am also

interested_5000 : and going in i was ready for a "no"

mediamaven : see i never do that

interested_5000 : never??

interested_5000 : ha

mediamaven : even when odds were staked against me

interested_5000 : well...i guess i was just being realistic.....guessing she was taken

mediamaven : with men

mediamaven : no

interested_5000 : dead fly walkin

mediamaven : good for you

interested_5000 : fuck!

interested_5000 : two of em!!!!!!!!

interested_5000 : shit

mediamaven : the only things i have confidence in are my abilites at work

interested_5000 : and that is a good thing

mediamaven : and my ability to get laid

mediamaven : that is about it

mediamaven : now dating

mediamaven : i suck at it

interested_5000 lol

interested_5000 : ok

mediamaven : relationships

mediamaven : maybe not so good

mediamaven : i'm good out of the gate

interested_5000: yeah..well we all have our faults

interested_5000 : lol

mediamaven : very good

mediamaven : but i can't seem to close the deal

mediamaven : so i need to grow up and figure that out

mediamaven: but honestly i think it's because i don't want too

interested_5000: i agree

mediamaven: when i want too i will do it

mediamaven: and it will work

interested_5000 : yep

mediamaven : i think that might be true for you too

mediamaven : maybe

interested_5000: well.....actually.....

interested_5000 : i know what i want

interested_5000 just not how to get it

interested_5000 : or what i can get

mediamaven : what do you want?

interested_5000 : so i need to figure that all out

mediamaven: if that's not too personal or something

mediamaven : cause you know.....i don't know what i want

interested_5000: hmmm.......lets see

interested_5000: hair cutter gal would fit rahter nicly

interested_5000 : kinda younger

interested_5000: attractive

interested_5000 : comes from out west

interested_5000: seems nice

interested_5000 : good at cutting

interested_5000 : this is why i asked about the league thing....maybe im shooting too high

mediamaven : okay so what do you want???

Mediamaven : you want someone younger

interested_5000 : above

mediamaven: you want someone nice looking

mediamaven: you want someone who can have a job or some skill you can utilize

interested_5000: lol

mediamaven : the from bumfuck thing i can't analzye at this point

mediamaven : but i'm sure it's important

interested_5000 : well....just a diff breed of personality out there.....if you met some of these people you might understand

mediamaven : i know these people

mediamaven: i dated one

interested_5000 : changes as soon as you get west of say elgin

interested_5000 : oh...

mediamaven: i know what you mean

mediamaven: okay you know what

mediamaven :i do know some things i want

interested_5000 : oh?

Mediamaven : you are looking for someone who gonna fit in

interested_5000 : in what?

Mediamaven : fit into your life plan

interested_5000 : ok.....sure

mediamaven : you want someone who can ease into what you are doing

interested_5000 : or close

interested_5000 : nah.....i dont want to change anyone

interested_5000 : never works

mediamaven : no it never does

interested_5000 : head is starting to hurt

interested_5000 : lol

mediamaven : me too

mediamaven: so much for what i want

mediamaven : anyways

mediamaven : good luck with car

interested_5000 : can tell me what i want

interested_5000 :

mediamaven : see

interested_5000 : no no no

mediamaven : that might be your problem

interested_5000 : you!

mediamaven : lol

interested_5000 : geez

interested_5000): <~~~~~needs aspirin

interested_5000 : and a blowjob

interested_5000 : lol

mediamaven : here's some advice

mediamaven : make sure they like sex

mediamaven: that's one thing i would never compromise on again

mediamaven : ever

mediamaven : okay i gotta go

interested_5000 : lol....ok

mediamaven : cya

interested_5000 : thanks for the talk

interested_5000: bye


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