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2002-12-01 - 12:37 p.m.


My Family

Roommate – My adolescent son who I love with my whole heart and soul. He is gentle and kind, tall and funny just like his dad. He is very serious like me. He has the same blue eyes I have. I look into them sometimes and I am reminded of my mom. We all have the same shaped face and shade of blue eyes. We have always had a weird parent child/relationship due to the circumstances surrounding his coming into the world. It’s very hard to be a parent. It does take a village with a lot of video games and high speed internet access to make a kid happy. I also use his hair as a reference point as to what color mine is suppose to be………More on the boy later.

Dad – 60 year old living his dreams. He was married to my mom for almost 40 years. He is an old fashioned Irish Catholic who feels the need for speed. We haven’t always gotten along very well. When he lost my mom we compared dating notes….the joke in the family was that….”If you wanna talk dating talk to mediamaven cause she has lots of dating experience but can’t do the relationship thing”. My Dad has worked on Wall Street for the last twenty years. His daily commute is about 2 hours each way. I don’t know how he does it. His best friend, his racing mechanic, and my mom all died within a two year period. Also during this time he was trapped in his office because the WTC was hit by two planes and subsequently fell to the ground. After all this my Dad truly believes that there is no day but today and I think he lives that way.

Little Sister – What she lacks in stature she makes up for in spirit. She is younger than I am but people often mistake her for the oldest member of the family because of ‘mother hen’ demeanor and responsible manner. She is fiercely loyal and loving. She is a hard worker and very smart. She can be judgmental at times but aren’t we all. For a long time we didn’t get along very well but after I had my roommate she loosened up some towards me. She use to earn a ton of money and was married to a handsome Drummer Boy who I went to college with. The Drummer Boy ran off with some young Skank he met at a local bar. Lil Sis tried the wild world of dating which yielded her Drummer Boy’s Best Friend, a depressed Goth BMW Rally Race Boy who died by accident, and her current husband, who I’m not sure how to categorized yet. Lil Sis now works for the sister of her best friend from High School. She likes her job better but she earns less money so she isn’t happy yet. She is really into status and being comfortable with cash. She drives too fast, cares too much, and worries to excess. She is my best friend and I love her very much.

FUBARED – This would be my in and out jail rehab brother. He is the youngest most messed up member of the clan. For a long time he was a functional addict. He worked for a dry cleaner in our home town for over 15 years (Lil Sis worked there too) then he started doing Crack and Meth with someone I went to High School with and became a thief and liar. When he was on heroin he was a much more peaceful addict. Meth has made him into someone I don’t know or trust. He has stolen from everyone in our family and has a huge sense of entitlement. I try to understand and support him but this gets more difficult as the years go by and he can’t get his life straightened out. He currently lives with my Dad and has attempted suicide again during the current holiday season.

MOM – My mom’s life was defined by what other people thought. She was raised by her mom cause my grandpa was always away on some secret mission. My mom died in a household accident related to her use of oxygen for her COPD and various other complaints. She woke up, lit up, and literally blew up. My brother came home from work to find her peeling off her blackened clothes and trying to get in the bathtub. She was screaming for my father. He was the last person to talk to her before she was intubated He doesn’t have memories of what she said because he was high at the time. She was a life long smoker, mentally ill, and had a myriad of other physical aliments from the time I was 12 years old. My relationship with her was complex, complicated, and very strange. It was often the focal point of my life. I will always thank God that somehow in the last year of her life I was able to talk with her…straighten things out some. I think I am the only person in the family that can say this. When my mom died everyone else was very angry at her. I just thought wow she is at peace now. I prayed for her peace in what comes after. More about her later….

Okay later we will rundown the men in the mediamaven's life....stay tuned!!


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