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2002-12-01 - 1:25 p.m.

The Men

Currently in Play ( Fall/Winter 2002)

In Play is a relative term. This means these are people I kinda dated this last year, people I am sort of datingÖ.or you can translate this asÖ..people I could have an opportunity to have sex with if the circumstances presented themselves. I donít want to seem like a slut but I am single for the first time in my life since I was a teen!!!!

Mr. Big Ė This is my ex boyfriend. We dated to use his phrase ďLonger than Clinton was in officeĒ I am using his material not because itís better but because itís accurate. Our relationship survived longer than his two best friendsí marriages and most long running television or television shows. He is physically big and in many ways still takes up the largest space in my broken heart. We are Ďfriendsí. This means sex for him sometimes when I am in the mood and some companionship for me in that he hasnít gone off and dated someone else yet. He is a kind, wonderful, funny, smart guy with terrible taste in music. I loved this man more than anyone in my entire life. But as with all love it sort of came and went like the tide. I got bored he got bored. He was unable to comfort me in a time of need. I wasnít sure what to do other than call a time out. I would miss him if he werenít a part of my life. Itís been almost two years. Not sure where this will go.

Insurance Guy Ė This guy wants a nickname so bad itís not funny. I told him you canít give yourself your own nickname. I donít think he would like the one I give him here. I wish I could think of something more creative. He is practical, goal oriented, very smart, young, has a really cool deep voice and good sense of humor. Totally not my physical type but I really like the sex with him. He is also a good conversationalist and has the same sort of eclectic taste in music I admire. He wants a young, short, thin, smart girl who would treat him like a king. In other words probably me about 15 years ago. I admire his independence, his drive, and his ability to be somewhat completely selfish but still manages to be kind to others. He drives the coolest car in the world. But he also smokes and I donít know about that. He also was trying to sleep with some other woman while also sleeping with me during the summer which I think is okay cause itís not like I have been totally loyal to this guy. I do like this one but he is very conservative.

Young One Ė He is my friend and entirely too young for me. I enjoy him though. Painful shy, awkward but funny, and smart as hell. Needs more confidence. Has the best taste in music and can dance. Donít hang out with him too often but I enjoy our time together cause he is pure fun. He also wins the best kisser award. I have known him for many years but the whole kissing thing happened more than a year ago.

Paperboy Ė Not sure how much this guy is in play. Promise Keeper, Newspaper publisher, Theater Guy. Insanely busy. I like this guy as a friend but he has many issues not the least of which is his undying love for his ex-wife. I canít say I blame him they were married for 22 years. He is also a grandfather. But he thought I was smart, funny, and pretty. This guy is also heavily medicated so not sure about that at allÖ.

Hermit Boy Ė Little brother of one the first friends I made after my big move. Met him on the Internet. The world is so small. He was hanging out with me some this summer but sort of quit on me. I enjoyed the sex but he had some intellectual issues and was also on Zoloft so Iím not sure about that either. I hardly talk to him anymore.

Okay next would be my friends. Stay Tuned.


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